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Buoy 10, is one of Washington and Oregon's most anticipated and exciting sport fisheries which is set to open August 1st, with the action really heating up about a week later. This years run is "fifth best in the past 60 years" with close to 800,000 Fall Chinook entering the Columbia River. The combination of Fall Chinook and Coho means there will be over a million salmon entering the Columbia River for this sports fishery. Also, don't let anyone tell you differently, size does matter when it comes to these Hogs, there will be lots of Kings in the 30lb, 40lb and even 50lb class.

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We start the season in Astoria, Oregon targeting Kings as they first return to the mouth of the Columbia River and occasionally picking up Coho. The action you will experience is fast paced and action packed as these are aggressive fish putting up the fight of a lifetime in the open waters of Buoy 10.
Just because the long days of summer fade into fall in the early days of September does not mean the fishing will also fade. We will be transitioning to the Cowlitz and Lewis Rivers (tributaries of the Columbia River) and these smaller rivers will be stacked with the Kings and Coho through the month of November. This is a great opportunity for a hands on fishery with big fish, in small rivers, on light gear resulting in great and memorable battles.

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Cowlitz River Coho Salmon

Your average Fall King is 20 to 25 pounds! It's common to get a 30+. And if you are looking for a fish of a lifetime, our Fall fishery is the time to target a 40 to 50 pounder!! Mid-September, we will move into the Cowlitz and Lewis Rivers to continue our massive harvest of these chrome bright Kings and Coho salmon. We will be back-bouncing and side-drifting Salmon eggs primarily to target these fish. This will be a go-to fishery for sheer numbers of fish and perfect place to target those 40+ pound Salmon! We will be fishing for Fall Kings and Coho till Late November.

Upper Columbia River
King Salmon

Be sure to contact us as soon as possible to reserve a prime date with us in one of our boats. Feel free to contact us to go over any details or ask any questions that you may have. We look forward to fishing and talking with you soon!! Be sure to follow us on the Facebook and Twitter links below for up to the minute reports.

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If you have ever or never fished for Salmon and liked it you'll love fishing for Salmon at Buoy 10. DO NOT miss out on this historic sport fishing event. This is one of everyone's favorite times of year to fish and this year will be no different. The best dates to order a fishing guide trip at Buoy 10 fill up fast so book early and get some fishing during prime time.